Fancy Cut. The Ideal Collection.

The Forever Unique Fancy Ideal Cut Collection is the most exclusive collection of fancy cut diamonds, comprising four shapes: square, cushion, heart and oval, all Ideal cuts, the extraordinary patent that maintains the same light intensity as a round brilliant cut.
The round brilliant cut has always been the only one boasting maximum light performance.

However, today, Forever Unique offers Fancy Ideal Cut diamonds that retain the same characteristics as the brilliant cut: perfectly proportioned, perfectly symmetrical, with unparalleled brilliance.

All the diamonds are mined, hand-cut, and polished in Canada with the finest technologies under rigid standards of environmental and social compliance.

Hearts & Arrows

The Hearts & Arrows diamonds of the Fancy Ideal Cut collection have perfect symmetry to release a dazzling light. All the patented Ideal cuts provide extraordinary light performance thanks to the symmetrical alignment of the 68 facets, which enhances the elements of beauty of the diamond: shine, fire and brightness. This effect is readily visible with a special lens that reveals an incredible phenomenon of light, delineating the shapes of 8 hearts and 8 arrows. Ethical standards and full transparency are guaranteed by a certificate of origin and a certificate of the International Institute of Diamond Grading and Research (IIDGR), a De Beers Group company