Io, Elle.

When you choose a Forever Unique diamond, you wear nature. Do you feel the earth from which it has been minded, its clarity, its rarity?


Forever Unique rewrites the myth of Narcissus, with a plot twist.

Loving yourself too much is not a sin, but a wish.

Through the rarity and the sparkle of her jewels, Forever Unique’s woman falls in love with herself, a lot, too much, never enough.

Gioielli osceni in luogo pubblico

With tradition you can play, you can challenge and rewrite it: as Lisa O. does with her Mini-groumette.

They’re designed in three golds, with gems with different colors and cuts and they are perfect for those who enjoy reinventing themselves everyday and catch the attention.

No chains but Groumettes: Lisa O. breaks the rules and steals the scene rethinking a high-jewelry classic with strong enamels, hallmark of all her collections.


No full stops, just commas. Choose Comma by Lisa O., their exclusive and one-of-a-kind design shouts “to be continued”, promising to keep you amazed with new creations: a never ending story!