The 4 Cs of diamonds.

The dazzle of diamonds is complex since it encapsulates aesthetic, tactile and emotive qualities. There are a number of impartial instruments and technologies used to estimate, assess and classify each gem on the basis of four factors, known as the “four Cs”.

This is the standard unit that measures the weight of the diamond. One Carat equals 200 Milligrams. A carat is divisible into one hundred points, with each point equivalent to one hundredth of a carat. For example a 50 point diamond is half a carat.

Cut diamonds are classified on the basis of minimal variations in colour intensity. The categories start from “D” (colourless) and finish at “Z” indicating shades of yellow or brown.

Most diamonds have inclusions that generally can’t be perceived by the naked eye. The best stones are classified as FI (flawless), representing maximum purity. ‘IF’ means internally flawless.

Both science and art join forces to enhance the diamond. Cut, proportions, and polish all contribute towards establishing the internal reflections that enhance the brilliance of the stone, intensifying its radiance and effect.